Have you or a family member ever struggled to remember important information? We have the solution! Creating a binder that holds information about family members, pets, cars, the home, and more will inspire a more functional life.

Why use binders?
Binders provide a solution for the dreaded mail pile mess that takes over your kitchen table or office desk. By filing your important information into the correct place from the beginning, you can say goodbye to the stress of digging through that massive pile for a misplaced document or the most recent electric bill. A binder system is the first step to easily and quickly access your important information and can help you track progress, see patterns, and reevaluate other areas for improvement in your household.

Where to start?
Begin by thinking about what your household needs. An easy way to do this is to look at what types of papers you accumulate on a monthly basis. Do you have multiple bank accounts? Or a lot of auto repair receipts? The binder needs will vary for every household, but take a look at our recommendations to see which ones work for you.

  • Paper clips can help create subsections within a section. For example, under the auto insurance tab, you might have the initial paperwork detailing the policy as well as the monthly statements. Use a clip to keep the policy pages together to make it easier to turn over for monthly additions to the statements.
  • Dividers create sections to store important documents and receipts.
    TIP: Keep some blank dividers so that you can continue to fill in the future.
  • Use a clear plastic sleeve to store loose receipts. If you accumulate a lot of receipts, consider breaking them down by month or by how long you plan to hold on to them for.
  • Use the inside pocket to store mail or receipts until you have time to file.
    TIP: Keep supplies that you use often in a plastic pouch or in the front pocket to make your life easier.

Download complete binder packets.
We have a section for each aspect of your life! Household, financial, vehicle, and medical information sections help to organize pivotal information you may need in an emergency situation. There are also sections for your pets, children, and meal plans so that another family member can keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities if you are not at home.

Printable Breakdown of Binders