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If there’s one thing that’s true about vacations, it’s that they never come fast enough and always end too soon. This summer, create lasting memories of your vacation with a unique parting gift.

Check out these fun crafts and use them to take your vacation home with you—just remember to keep an eye out for some of these items to start crafting!


Travel Journal
If you don’t have room for bulk trinkets in your suitcase, consider making a travel journal or scrapbook with postcards collected during your vacation. This is a great memento for looking back on your best memories.

To make: Collect postcards during your vacation and write a note on each. Create a scrapbook using the postcards, or string them together with twine for a fun decoration!


Map Shadow Box
A beautiful reminder of your vacation, a map shadow box can be displayed in any room of the house and will bring back fond memories of your favorite trip.

To make: Select a shadow box of your liking. Line the back of the shadow box with a map of the place of your vacation, then fill the shadow box with small items and trinkets from your trip such as concert tickets, keychains, seashells, and more.

Vacation Memory Jar
A memory jar is a great way to display some of your favorite gems from your vacation. Similar to a shadow box, you can fill your memory jar with everything from beach sand and seashells to photos, wine corks and more.

To make: Find a jar of your liking, or one that matches your home decor. Collect trinkets from your vacation and place them inside the jar, close the top, and enjoy the lasting memories!

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