Warmer days are here, and that means the end of the school year is approaching. As kids set off for summer break, there’s plenty of free time for brainstorming new family-friendly activities everyone can enjoy!

Geocaching—a popular treasure-hunting activity that uses a GPS to locate “caches” (hidden treasures)—is simple enough to DIY for an afternoon of fun in the backyard or through the neighborhood.

Pick your caches.
These hidden gems are typically anything from trade-able items to special mementos, but for a kid-friendly version, consider wrapping up small treats or toys in plastic containers that can be easily hidden.

Set up your map.
Since a real GPS and coordinates are difficult to follow for young children, simply draw a basic map of your yard or neighborhood, and mark the places with hidden caches using an X or made-up coordinates to look more realistic. This can also help them break away from relying on technology to follow a real map!

Hide the caches.
Keep items concealed in places that would be easily identifiable for them (e.g. a large tree, local playground, etc.). Ensure all caches are placed in an airtight, waterproof container, and, for an extra challenge, wrap the containers in camouflage tape.

Keep a list of hiding places.
Just in case your child has trouble finding all of the caches, be sure to keep your own checklist of where each of them is hidden, along with additional clues to help them, if need be.