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ALM Issue 102 Cover

Issue 102

There is a special delight that comes from ordinary materials being transformed into works of art. This issue of American Lifestyle magazine celebrates visionaries who let themselves dream big.

Amaury Guichon, French-born pastry chef extraordinaire, has made a career of elevating chocolate to masterpiece territory, like confections in the shape of planets with blueberry cheesecake inside.

London Kaye’s medium is not edible, but it involves a lot of yarn. The Los Angeles native began wrapping trees in crocheted scarves, known as yarn bombing. This hobby quickly turned into a full-time career with projects from coast to coast.

In the case of Frank Lloyd Wright, the famed architect combined his craft with his love of nature to create a house known as Fallingwater. The three-year labor of love involved cantilevering the structure over a waterfall, a bold move that cemented Fallingwater as a feat of architecture.