Photography by Visit Bucks County.

Humans have long had a fascination with mysterious phenomena. The Northern Lights. The Bermuda Triangle. The Great Pyramids. Stonehenge. And ringing rocks.

That’s the mystery you’ll discover at Ringing Rocks Park, located about sixty miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a town called Upper Black Eddy. As you venture a short distance through the park’s woods, you’ll arrive at a seven-acre field of various-shaped and -sized stones, piled ten feet high, that ring like crystal bells when struck. (It’s a rare travel destination that encourages you to bring a hammer with you!) Depending on which rock you hit, you could get a high-pitched or a low-pitched sound, or perhaps no sound at all, which is part of the adventure.

But if you go for the ringing rocks, stay for the full nature experience. Ringing Rocks Park has plenty of walking and hiking trails on its 128 acres, as well as picnic areas and the county’s highest waterfall, High Falls, located deep within the woods.

However, ringing rocks are not exclusive to the East Coast—for example, out west, you can trek to Whitehall, Montana, a town thirty minutes from Butte, to strike similar stones.

There’s no clear scientific consensus as to why these rocks ring. (Is it their composition? Their proximity to one another, much like a symphony?) However, one thing certainly rings true when you experience their enchanting sounds: they serve as another example of humanity’s endless curiosity with the planet we call home.

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