Want to celebrate the Fourth of July—but with twist? Throw a let freedom ring party! This theme captures the spirit of independence that the holiday represents, but in an extra fun and festive way. Check out the tips below for some inspiration to get your party started!

Serve up a taste of nostalgia:
Aim to make at least half of your dishes fit the let freedom ring theme. Think of vivid colors, clever names, and helpful displays that will match the dish with the concept.

Lady Liberty’s Peach Tea

You have to serve this tea at your next summer party.

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All-American Acoustic Asparagus Strings

Give your vegetables a festive twist with this patriotic rendition of asparagus.

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Liberty Bell Peppers

Make your stuffed peppers Fourth of July ready.

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March to the Beat of American Berry Drums

Celebrate America with these scrumptious stuffed strawberries.

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Display your party’s patriotism with decorations:

  • Create a banner in a nontraditional color scheme with lyrics from popular songs about the land of the free.
  • Keep your guests informed by setting out descriptive tent cards, themed for freedom, in front of each dish.
  • Make your beverages shine with straw tags and labels for your water bottles, cans, and other grab-and-go drinks.
  • Add a fun topper to cupcakes, pies, and other desserts with freedom-themed labels attached to toothpicks.
  • Print out sheet music, images of American landmarks, or large versions of your decor theme. Place them in frames to set out on tables or hang up around your party.

Finish up with crafts and activities:

  • Invite kids to start a beat by setting up an instrument station with drums, tambourines, maracas, and bells.
  • Have everyone strike a pose by creating a DIY photo booth, which will also allow you to send them home with a memorable photo favor! Guests will be lining up to snap a shot as Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, or Abe Lincoln.
Download Let Freedom Ring Party Theme

From banners and signs to labels and tags to musical touches and historical displays, you’ve got everything you need to bring a let freedom ring party theme together— all you have to do is print, cut, and enjoy!