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Whether you want to create the perfect gift, update the look of your home, or simply keep busy during the winter months, you’ll hit the nail on the head (literally) with this string art project. The best part? It’s only limited by your imagination: you can design virtually anything, so you can turn any room into a showcase!



  1. Cut out your template, and attach it to a piece of wood with masking tape, making sure it’s straight.
  2. Hammer nails partially into the wood around the edges of your template, leaving only enough space between nails for the string to slip down the middle.
  3. Loop string around one of the nails, and tie a knot. Then proceed to loop the string around the other nails, starting with one on the opposite side of the template. Continue looping the string back and forth across the design until all of the nails are incorporated, tying a knot at the end when you are done.

For the reverse look:
Hammer nails along the edges of your template and a ½-inch from the edge of your wood. Loop the string from the edge to the template to create the inverse design.

Try your hand at this craft, and let us know what you think! Share your photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ALMcreate.