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With spring in full swing, days spent staring at a computer screen and reading emails seem to get longer, and we envy those who are lucky enough to be outside enjoying the sun.

Spending time outside can restore us and give our brains a boost, and finding a way to get outside during your 9 to 5 is possible! Here are five ways to get your vitamin D fix during the work day.

Hold outdoor meetings
Made famous by the late Steve Jobs, walking meetings have proven to aid in productivity. Not only does this solution benefit your company, but it gives you a chance to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Although, not all outdoor meetings require walking, getting out of your cubicle and into wide open spaces allows your mind to do the same.

Eat lunch outside
Whether you bring a lunch from home or venture to a nearby restaurant, eating outside can give you that pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the day. If you choose to eat out, try picking a restaurant that you can walk to. Not only will you be getting active, but walking allows you to enjoy the mild temperatures and soak up the sunshine. If your office has outdoor seating, take advantage of it! Get a couple of coworkers together and take the same lunch break.

Take a walk
Taking walks in nature improves your well-being as well as your mood, and lowers anxiety. Work days can get overbearing, stressful, and exhausting, so a breath of fresh air is essential. Setting aside time during your lunch break to take a walk will allow you to clear your head and feel refreshed. Don’t want to walk alone? Organize a small group with coworkers to commit 15 to 20 minutes, 2 or 3 days a week, to take a walk. You and your team will walk away (literally) from your break feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever else the day has in store.

Work from home (at a park)
Take advantage of a work-from-home day and take your work to the park. Did you know that too-little time spent outside can actually cause a nature deficit disorder? Vitamin D and serotonin—both benefits of sunlight—can make for a better work day by increasing concentration levels. The stimulation you get from being in a park or outdoor cafe can power you through the whole day.

Use outdoor office space
Talk about an outdoor job! Some companies build offices under canopies or pergolas for their employees. These spaces can be used for general work tasks, meetings, or long-term working sessions. Be sure to have accessible internet connectivity, as well as supportive seating, to maximize productivity. You’ll also want to have access to shade for those extra sunny days, whether that comes from an umbrella or trees. Being in such an open environment allows your mind to go beyond the four walls.

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