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In 1998, the National Education Association established a day dedicated to the pursuit of reading, and encouraging an interest in books. Since then, National Read Across America Day has been celebrated on March 2 (coincidentally, the birthday of children’s author Dr. Seuss), to spread the importance of reading—in schools and beyond.

Reading is fundamental for learning and is important for everyone, not just children. Studies show that reading is a form of exercise for your brain, and the more attention you pay toward training this vital organ, the stronger it will be.

So, how can you incorporate more reading time into your schedule, or encourage a little one to open a book? Here’s some encouragement:

Try a reading challenge.
If you have a stack of books at home just waiting to be read, or a few must-read items on your list, try this reading challenge that encourages you to pick up a different book each month, based on a particular topic.

Make a reading nook.
Who wouldn’t want to set aside some reading time if it meant getting to snuggle in a pile of pillows? Dedicate a specific space in your home just for reading and be sure to fill it with all things comforting—throw pillows, some fuzzy blankets, and maybe even a pair of special reading slippers. Anything you can think of to make the task of reading even more enjoyable!

Reward yourself!
Reading shouldn’t be a chore, but if you’re finding it difficult to make the time, try giving yourself a little reward every time you pick up a book instead of binging on television or surfing the web. The reward doesn’t have to be too big—something as small as a coffee from your favorite café—but that will remind you how important it is to take the time to read.

Get a reading buddy.
When you have someone to discuss the plot twist in your book with, it makes reading a whole lot more fun. Consider starting a reading group, or simply ask a relative, friend, or neighbor if they’d like to recommend a good book. Reading is definitely more exciting with a friend.

Craft a clever bookmark.
OK, so a bookmark probably won’t get you to read more. But, these adorable bookmarks are easy to make and equally fun to use!

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