Issue 73

Artist Monica Lee shows us there is something so captivating about hyperrealistic drawings; the attention to detail and the skill it takes to replicate reality so perfectly are beyond impressive. Designer Reiko Gomez also knows a thing or two about artistic processes. While living in rural India, Gomez learned the importance of coexisting with nature, leading her to the process of feng shui. For Seattle baker Robin Wehl Martin, the process of becoming a business owner was much speedier than she ever expected.

The Mysterious Pull of Sitka, Alaska

A gem in Alaska's panhandle, this island is home to natural splendor, an impressive art scene, to-die-for seafood dining, and history that goes back more than 10,000 years.

Sundays at the Table

Karen Mordechai provides the perfect recipes for any Sunday meal in her cookbook Sunday Suppers: Recipes and Gatherings (Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2014).

In Tune with Faux Paz

University of Maryland’s premier coed a cappella group Faux Paz shares a behind the scenes look at their audition process and the prep work that goes into becoming Mid-Atlantic semifinal champions at the competitive International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

Hello Cookies

Robin Wehl Martin's bakery features the one baked good that never gets old: cookies; from the traditional chocolate chip to a curry cookie that incorporates white chocolate chips and apricots, there is a flavor for everyone to love.

Designing Harmony

By incorporating the science of feng shui into this Rockport beach house project, Reiko Gomez created a home that is strong for health, wealth, romance, and overall well-being.

Graphite Magic

Artist Monica Lee uses a hyperrealist approach in her art, utilizing photographs as a basis for capturing the uniqueness of her subjects on paper.