Issue 79

As fall approaches and a chill returns to the air, we long for the things that comfort us—such as settling in with a good book or cooking with all of the hearty, warm foods of the season. This issue taps into all those familiar feelings of autumn with a trip to one of the oldest wool mills in the country, new ways to preserve and enjoy your favorite summer and fall fruits, and a peek into a rustic would-be bachelor pad outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Spooling Through History: Pendleton Woolen Mills

As one of America’s few remaining woolen mills, Pendleton Woolen Mills has a rich history of making quality wool products that goes back over a century—including being an early influence on the Beach Boys.

Spork Full of Vegan Cuisine

Sisters Heather Goldberg and Jenny Engel explain how their love of vegan food and creating community led them to create their popular culinary and consultation company, Spork Foods.

Once Upon a Time with Liz Garton Scanlon

Author Liz Garton Scanlon reveals her inspiration for writing children’s books, the process for creating her award-winning book All the World, and why gratitude and hope are central themes for her.

Say No to Sugar: Naturally Sweet Recipes

Ella Leché shares some of her sensational sugar-alternative recipes, including coconut-vanilla doughnuts, from Cut the Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough (Andrews McMeel, 2016).

Tailored Tudor: Summer Thornton Design

Interior designer Summer Thornton explains how she completely transformed a 1930s Tudor house with a 1980s-style interior into a clean, modern, neutral-colored home for a thirtysomething bachelor.

For Whom the Jar Rolls

Canning expert Marisa McClellan tells how she started her blog Food in Jars, elaborates on the many benefits of canning foods, and divulges which of her canning recipes are fan favorites.