Jada Moore, designer and certified sleep consultant, takes us into her dreamy world—designing nurseries for celebrities and manifesting her next venture as a businesswoman.

How do you align a client’s nursery with the style in the rest of their home?
When designing a new project for a client, I really take a moment to study their personal style. My design philosophy is rooted in the understanding that your style is not just what you wear but also how you live, what you read, and what you dream about—and combining all that together allows me to create dream nurseries. I really try to inspire parents to think of their nursery as an extension of the style their home already has, not a room that has colors or prints you would never have included in the rest of your space.

Do you have a favorite project?
One of my favorite room designs was when I worked with Kelly Rowland. Her art collection in her home was so breathtaking, and we built the nursery around that. I also really loved the playroom makeover I did with Pottery Barn Kids for blogger Irma Allen (@tinygirlgang). Being able to create the ultimate modern, dreamlike playroom for her four little girls was such a fun experience.

Tell us about your baby essentials company. What can people expect?
I’m so excited for the new Jada Baby collection. The new version of the modern mom has changed—she still wants the absolute safest products for her baby but with more of her personal style infused. The Jada Baby collection will feature the essential baby products that I’ve spent years researching for moms I design for but wasn’t able to find products that fit their lifestyle or taste.

How do you balance being a mom and a businesswoman? What tips do you have?
I believe it’s about being intentional rather than being balanced. When I’m working, I give it my all. When I’m spending time with my daughter, I’m fully present. I’m there for all her games, plays, and school volunteer days. She’s actually at the age now where she will politely say, “Mom, you do know you don’t have to volunteer for everything in my class, right?” [Laughs] There’s no blueprint on parenting, and there’s definitely not one for being a working mother, so my advice is to live with grace. When you allow yourself grace, you learn to let go of the expectations of what you should be doing and you give yourself the freedom to do the best you can.

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