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Heading out on a summer road trip? Taking a weekend trip to grandma’s house? Keep the kids occupied—and yourself sane—by creating a road trip binder filled with fun game ideas that will help pass the time.

From classics like Hangman and I Spy to Yellow Car and the License Plate Game, you’ll have everything you need to get where you’re going without the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”

I Spy
The first player chooses an object in the distance, then says “I spy with my little eye, something…” and then inserts a clue, such as a color or other descriptive word. Players then take turns guessing what the object is that was spied. The winner gets to take the next turn.

Yellow Car
Get everyone involved with this classic. Race to be the first person to spot a yellow car, and then call out “Yellow car!” At the end of your trip, the person who spotted the most yellow cars is the winner.

Who Am I?
One person in the car is secretly assigned a celebrity, and must then guess who he or she is, asking only yes or no questions. The other people in the car, who all know who the celebrity is, answer the questions to give the player clues.

List Challenge
Pick a theme, such as a shopping list. Player 1 chooses and says out loud an item that is on their list, that starts with the letter “A.” Next, Player 2 must remember Player 1’s item, and then add their own item, this one starting with the letter “B.” Keep going until you make it through the entire alphabet.

What’s your favorite game in the car? For more fun road trip games—including classics like hangman, the license plate game, word search and others, download these ideas! You can even put them in a plastic sleeve and write with dry erase markers to use over and over again!

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