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Have an old record collection sitting in the garage that’s gathering dust? Check out this fun and funky DIY project that will give a new spin to your old vinyl—perfect for any room in the house!


Download Number Stencils


  1. Download and print out the number stencils, and, using scissors, carefully cut out each of the numbers.
  2. Position the numbers around the record so they touch each other, and trace the outline with a pencil.
  3. Using extreme caution, carefully cut out your design, using the hot knife. Be especially careful when removing part of the record, as it can easily snap or break. Important: be sure that you wear a face mask, and always work in a well-ventilated area.
  4. If any of the edges are rough, carefully smooth them out using a metal file.
  5. Super glue the gearbox of the clock mechanism behind the record, making sure to line it up with the designs.
  6. Snap the hands of the clock into place, and voila —you’re ready to rock

Try your hand at this craft, and let us know what you think! Share your photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ALMcreate.