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Whether you’re heading out on a business trip or are taking the family on an epic vacation, over packing can make a delightful trip dreadful. Who wants to carry around a heavy suitcase filled with items you’re not going to use?

Take this interactive packing quiz to weed out any nonessential items from your suitcase—you’ll be thankful you didn’t pack that third pair of shoes!

Have you made your packing list?
If yes: move to next question
If no: What are you waiting for? Make a packing list! (end here)

Is the item on your packing list?
If yes: Will it fit in your bag or suitcase?
If no: Could you buy it inexpensively at your destination?

Will it fit in your bag or suitcase?
If yes: Does it make your bag too heavy? If yes, leave it (end here). If no, move to next question.
If no: Do you really need it? If yes, make room in your bag. Take it (end here). If no, leave it (end here).

Are you at least 90% sure that you’ll need it on the trip?
If yes: Take it! (end here)
If no: Leave it. (end here)

Printable Packing Quiz