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Issue 88

When spring returns, we feel a renewed sense of purpose and, as colorful buds return to the trees, so to a brightness in our spirit. In this issue of American Lifestyle magazine, we revisit some of life’s simple pleasures with a trip to the Dallas-based chocolate shop, Kate Weiser Chocolates, for a taste of her deliciously artistic creations. Join us in a journey north to the Pacific Northwest for the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Each year thousands of brightly-colored tulips bloom in the valley and are on vibrant display for all to enjoy. Also awash in color are the paintings of synesthete Melissa McCracken, who utilizes her gift to paint vivid and imaginative works based on music.


The Sweet Taste of Success

Get a taste of what happens when art meets confection at Kate Weiser Chocolate, an innovative Dallas-based business that features a distinctive paint-splash style on its products.


Tiptoe Around the Tulips

Take a trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, a monthlong event that features acres upon acres of vibrant flowers bursting with color.


The Art and Science of Stargazing

Read about a father-son business venture that resurrected and improved upon the iconic Porter Garden Telescope, a piece of constellation-viewing craftsmanship that’s almost a century old.


Textiles and Tradition

Learn how Mili Suleman, a graphic designer turned textile entrepreneur, used her background in handloomed weaving as inspiration for the home renovation she did with her husband.


Plants on the Menu

Fresh ingredients are plentiful in Laura Wright’s First Mess Cookbook (Avery, 2017), including recipes for crispy avocado tacos and even healthy cookies for breakfast.


Keeping the Dream Alive

Step up to the plate at Field of Dreams Movie Site, an Iowa landmark that pulls the double-play of preserving the ball field from the iconic movie and inducing nostalgia for thousands.


Shades of Sound: The Art of Melissa McCracken

Meet an artist who experiences synesthesia, a condition that allows her to see music—resulting in a career that produces vibrant, dramatic oil paintings inspired by songs.