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Issue 91

The American Dream comes in many shapes and sizes, and though it might look much different today than it did yesterday, most people will agree that it is still based in achieving a level of comfort and happiness. Issue 91 is about how American’s are making their dreams a reality by following their passions, believing in themselves, and having the courage to step outside the box. Like the Doan family, who left the hustle and bustle of California for quaint Missouri and found their calling in quilting. Print maker Chris Fritton also hit the road to find his calling, and hasn’t stopped traveling since. The “itinerant printer” makes his way from print shop to print shop, learning from and spreading the knowledge he has picked up on his journey. The American Dream came later in life for Lina Alattar, who, having lived on three different continents as a child, found her love for art as an adult and decided to give up corporate life for an artist’s life. No matter what your personal dreams are, this issue inspires you to go after them, full steam ahead.